TEZU, Jun 20: Lohit District Library and Information Officer Ing Raatan urged the public to draw inspiration from the life of PN Panicker to foster a reading culture in Arunachal Pradesh. Speaking at the National Reading Day celebrations, organized jointly by Bamboosa Library Tezu, the Forum of Library Activists Medo, and the District Library Tezu, Raatan highlighted the enduring challenges in promoting reading habits in the state.

"Just as PN Panicker faced challenges to promote reading, we must utilize all libraries in Arunachal to cultivate a reading habit among our people," Raatan said. She also noted that libraries are essential for adults and mentioned ongoing house-to-house campaigns in Tezu to raise awareness about the district library's facilities. Raatan expressed satisfaction that many college students have been using the District Library as a study centre in recent months.

Joint secretary of the Forum of Library Activists, Sakelu Chikro, welcomed the guests and stressed the importance of parents guiding their children to develop reading habits from an early age. She emphasized the motto of the Lohit Youth Libraries, "If readers can’t come to books, books must go to readers," and highlighted the need for more youth volunteers to make reading popular across Arunachal.

Lohit Youth Library Network coordinator, S Mundayoor, praised the Bamboosa Library activists for voluntarily translating six Pratham books into the Kaman Mishmi language, hoping that youth from other language groups would follow suit. He also presented a book talk on "Walking with the Immortals," a popular book by former VKV Secretary Capt. K K Venkatraman about his Narmada Parikrama experiences.

Senior volunteer Kathesi Kri shared her journey from struggling to read English to becoming a teacher and an avid reader of biographies. National Reading Day was also observed at APNE Library Wakro, led by senior volunteer Nishanlu Kri, with readers presenting book readings and poem recitations in English, Hindi, and Kaman Mishmi.