ITANAGAR, Jun 24: Around 9,000 kilograms of "legacy waste," likely worsened by the flash floods, was cleared from the riverbank along the Energy Park stretch of the Yagamso River in Itanagar on Monday.

The massive cleanup effort was conducted by the Youth Mission for Clean River (YMCR) in collaboration with the Itanagar Capital Region (ICR) district administration in response to the intense flash floods that hit the area on Sunday.

Around 80 volunteers participated in the drive.

Notably, members of Miss Arunachal, including Taba Anya and Adam Wangsu, the reigning runner-ups, were among the volunteers. The AAPSU Women's Cell, led by its president Ponung Darang, also lent their support, alongside representatives from the All Aka Students Union and No. 1 Yaariyan.

The YMCR later in a statement stressed the critical nature of the cleanup, given the significant amount of debris that had accumulated near the Energy Park following the heavy rains. The floods had also led to the displacement of residents living along the riverbank, highlighting the destructive impact of such natural disasters.

The YMCR expressed appreciation for ICR deputy commissioner Shweta Nagarkoti Mehta for her proactive efforts in facilitating the cleanup operation.

In addition to the cleanup, Miss Arunachal's involvement included raising awareness about environmental conservation within the local community.

They urged residents to refrain from dumping waste into the river and advised those living in close proximity to the river to remain vigilant during the monsoon season.

The AAPSU Women's Cell underscored the importance of implementing stricter regulations to prevent encroachments on natural waterways like streams and rivers.

APPSU Women’s Cell president Darang emphasized that many disasters related to rainfall can be prevented, urging the community to prioritize environmental stewardship.