NAHARLAGUN, July 1: The Church of God World Mission Society (General Chairman Pastor Kim Joo-cheol) recently organised a ‘Plastic Footprint’ removal campaign between Barapani and Mithun Gate, A-Sector, commemorating Environment Day and aiming to make the area cleaner and more pleasant.

The campaign, part of the global ‘Global Hope Challenge’ celebrating the Church’s 60th anniversary, gathered more than 100 believers.

Volunteers collected approximately 350 kgs of plastic waste and over 4,500 kgs of other garbage within a 1.5 km area. This initiative highlights the serious threat posed by plastic waste and aims to reduce unnecessary plastic consumption and ecological pollution.

An official from the Church of God remarked, “According to the UNEP, 10 million tons of plastic waste are dumped into the ocean annually. Our campaign is aimed at reducing this and raising awareness about plastic’s role in climate change.”

IMC corporator Tarh Acak praised the volunteers and expressed his support for future collaborations. The Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC) supported the event by providing necessary tools and vehicles for garbage collection.

The campaign included a panel exhibition on the harmful effects of plastic. Panel volunteer Yabom Paktung emphasized the non-decomposable nature of plastic and its severe environmental impact. Minyo Blange, a concerned citizen, noted the improved cleanliness and encouraged regular maintenance for a healthier environment.

The Church of God has consistently engaged in environmental clean-up activities across various states in India and worldwide, alongside other community service initiatives such as blood donation drives and support for social welfare facilities. Their efforts have been recognized with numerous awards globally.

The Church of God, founded in Korea in 1964, operates in 7,500 locations across 175 countries with 3.7 million believers. Their work is inspired by the Biblical teaching of ‘Love your neighbor as yourself,’ resulting in over 28,000 volunteer activities and more than 4,600 awards for their service.