AALO, July 5: The adrenaline-fueled roar of engines filled the air as the International Friendship Car Rally Association (IFCRA) team rolled into Aalo today, marking a thrilling milestone in their journey across Arunachal Pradesh.

Led by IFCRA technical advisor Anil Kumar Singh and president Pem Sonam the team's arrival sparked excitement among locals and participants alike.

The car rally kicked off in spectacular fashion on July 1, with the revered gaon buras of Rupa village at Shergaon waving the starting flag.

Spanning a challenging route of over 1500 kilometers, the expedition embarked from West Kameng district, weaving through scenic landscapes via Pakke Kesang, Raga, and Aalo. From Aalo, they will leave for Roing, and Miao, before culminating triumphantly in Namsai on July 9.

Enthusiastic participants from all corners of India, especially the vibrant Northeastern states, have eagerly joined the IFCRA Car Rally 2024, making it a celebration of unity and adventure.

Organised in collaboration with the directorate of youth affairs, IFCRA is driving the AP Summer Expedition and Off-Road Car Rally 2024 with a spirited aim—to spotlight Arunachal Pradesh as a premier adventure tourism hotspot, enticing both domestic thrill-seekers and globetrotting adventurers.

Beyond the thrill of the race, the rally champions values of camaraderie, cooperation, and the promotion of adventure sports, resonating deeply with the spirit of the region.

Supporting this grand endeavor, Aalo West Topin Ete along with the proactive district administration, is ensuring seamless logistical support for the expedition team, ensuring every pit stop is a testament to Arunachal's hospitality and organizational prowess.