HAWAI, July 5: The Anjaw district disaster management authority (DDMA) on Friday reviewed the preparedness for monsoon in the district.

In the meeting chaired by Hawai extra assistant commissioner various issues and action plans were laid out including placement and stocking of ration items, placement and stocking of medicines and formation of rapid response teams, maintenance of clean, potable drinking water supply and sanitation, and maintenance of surface communication.

Out of the normal allotment of PDS rice, a buffer stock from the 10 percent of the normal allotment has been kept for issue at the time of extreme exigency only, informed a representative of the DF & CSO.

Rice has been stocked at FCI Khupa for three months, he added.

Hayuliang ADC and the DF&CSO are in liaison with the concerned Bazaar Secretaries for keeping essential stock of ration items at least during the monsoon period. Similarly, all the circle officers, HoDs, have been requested to pass on information to gaon buras and panchayat leaders for stocking adequate ration items by all concerned during the rainy season.

Anjaw district medical officer and all medical officers have been instructed to stock sufficient medicines in all the CHC, PHC etc., of the district.

The DMO and the DVO have been directed to constitute Rapid Response Teams for pre-and post-flood eventuality and also to instruct the private pharmacy to maintain stock of medicines from their end, especially during the monsoon period.

To ensure clean and potable drinking water, the PHE &WS department has been instructed to maintain water purification materials like bleaching powders, chlorine tablets, etc., and arrange alternate water supply like tankers, etc., in case of damage to water supply projects. The department shall also conduct mass awareness activities to prevent any water-borne diseases.

Additionally, PWD and RWD have been asked to ensure proper maintenance of their roads, including positioning of men and machinery for early clearance in case of road disruption. The DD, UD and EE, WRD have been instructed to keep all the drains clear for the free flow of stormwater and to keep the town clean by timely lifting and disposal of waste. The SP shall also deploy Police personnel with communication gadgets to regulate the movement of traffic and people at vulnerable points to prevent human casualties.

DDMO-cum-Convenor DDMA Anjaw district stressed on proper power supply, formation of evacuation, search and rescue teams, identification of temporary relief camps, activation of control rooms, submission of situation/damage reports, resource uploading in the IDRN website, Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) preparedness and preparation of heat wave action plan were also discussed.

Meanwhile, the district executive committee meeting was also held alongside the disaster review meeting to scrutinize and dispose of various individual relief assistance cases, etc.