ROING, Jun 19: The Research Institute of World’s Ancient Traditions Cultures and Heritage (RIWATCH) celebrated National Reading Day at its campus in Khinjili, Lower Dibang Valley, under the theme “Empowering Young Minds through Reading.”

Addressing the gathering, RIWATCH administrative officer Ashokan KV highlighted the pivotal role of reading in dispelling social ignorance and encouraged young people to embrace reading as a habit.

Senior volunteers of the Youth Library Movement Tezu, Banika Kri, Bethem Marai, and Keselo Tayang, attended the event as resource persons. Kri, in her speech, emphasized the importance of concentration in reading and exploring diverse genres of books. She also highlighted the benefits of reading such as enhancing vocabulary, soft skills, and writing proficiency, and demonstrated engaging storytelling techniques to captivate the students. Marai and Tayang demonstrated action rhymes and poems and spoke about how reading fosters self-confidence, knowledge acquisition, and language skills.

The event saw the participation of around 80 students and teachers from Anakum Academy, Future Foundation Academy, Government Secondary School in Abali, Countryside English School, Harupahar, Government Middle School, Iduli, and Dibang Youth Library Hostel, Roing. Students actively engaged in the reading session led by the resource persons, focusing on expressing emotions and articulating ideas effectively. They showcased their skills through stage readings and theatrical performances.

The programme concluded with the distribution of pictorial glossary books of Idu Mishmi published by the RIWATCH Centre for Mother Languages (RCML).