TEZU, Jun 19: "Learn as many new things as possible when you’re young. And you learn best in the right environment, like the one Bamboosa Library provides you," said additional deputy commissioner Kunal Yadav, during the valedictory address of a four-day pencil drawing skills workshop held at Bamboosa Library, Tezu. The workshop was organized by Bamboosa Library Tezu and the Forum of Library Activists, Medo.

Yadav praised the participants for their self-confidence and public speaking skills, which they demonstrated during their presentations at the workshop. He also commended the workshop instructor, Behelti Ama, for her skillful teaching and the creativity displayed by the students, whose artwork was exhibited.

The event featured light-hearted interactions between Yadav and the students, creating a pleasant atmosphere despite the wet, chilly evening. Earlier, Behelti Ama, a senior library volunteer and fourth-year student at Kalakshetra Foundation Chennai, emphasized the importance of various drawing skills. She guided Yadav through the displayed drawings, explaining the nuances of pencil drawing and sketching.

The program began with the Wakro Sisters performing a melodic invocation in Carnatic music with "Deva deva kalayaami" by Maharaja Swati Thirunal. Participants expressed their gratitude for Ama's guidance, noting how she helped them uncover their artistic talents despite initial uncertainty.

Senior volunteer Sakelu Chikro welcomed guests and introduced Ama, highlighting her mastery of fine arts and Carnatic music. Ama's artwork was displayed at Rashtrapati Bhavan in October 2023, and she has performed numerous musical recitals as one of the Wakro Sisters.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks from senior volunteer Kathesi Kri. Additionally, Ama conducted a workshop on "Colors & Painting Skills" for senior students of VKV Sunpura.