PASIGHAT, Jun 23: A workshop on the preservation of priesthood culture was organized by the Department of Indigenous Affairs in collaboration with the East Siang district administration at Pasighat Engo Takar Dere on June 22. The event was attended by Pasighat East MLA Tapi Darang and JNC principal Tasi Taloh. The ceremony began with the lighting of the lamp in front of the 'Golgi Bote' Talom Rukbo statue, followed by floral tributes by the dignitaries.

In his address, Darang expressed his satisfaction with the good practices and public participation at the event. He praised the organizers for conducting the workshop in an appropriate manner. Darang emphasized that priests are the backbone of society and crucial for the growth of indigenous religion. He urged priests to perform their duties diligently and uphold their cultural and spiritual responsibilities.

Taloh also commended the priests for their roles in maintaining integrity. DACO & nodal officer of Indigenous Affairs, Mannong Tayeng, highlighted the aims and objectives of the workshop, emphasizing the importance of shamanistic traditions and their role in modern society. Tayeng advocated for reforms in the conservative system of priests.

The workshop featured resource persons Dr Tajom Tasung, Tatdo Borang, and Dr Delong Padung.

Tasung suggested that the government should provide honorariums to all spiritual priests and advised them to maintain health and hygiene, abstain from alcohol, and uphold ethical standards. He stressed that priests should be known for their selfless service and generosity.

Borang stated that priests are God-gifted individuals who must preserve and protect priesthood culture and traditions, incorporating scientific justification in their activities.

Padung highlighted the respect that priests command in society due to their spiritual powers and urged the younger generation to follow the path shown by their forefathers.

Other speakers included IFCSAP president Ajem Tayeng, CDPYK general secretary Basing Yosung, and East Siang Tabe Association president Obang Taruk, who shared their views on the preservation of priesthood culture.