LONGDING, Jun 24: In a significant step forward for the education sector, Longding deputy commissioner Bekir Nyorak inaugurated the four-room school building of Pamnu government primary school under Longchan circle. The inauguration was attended by DDSE Jongge Yirang, circle officer Khamjat Ajang, ZPM Longchan, and village leaders including the village chief, GPC, and GPMs.

The school building, sanctioned and constructed under ISSE 2014-15, had been lying defunct since its completion. With the inauguration, the school will now start functioning with a total enrollment of 53 students under the guidance of a lone teacher.

During the programme organized by the village authorities, Nyorak assured all possible support and cooperation to ensure the smooth functioning of the school. Yirang and Longchan also addressed the gathering, emphasizing the importance of education and the need for community support in maintaining the school's operations.