SEPPA, Jun 24: A traditional house belonging to one Tukik Yangfo was gutted in a fire incident on Sunday.

The incident reportedly occurred at around 6.30 pm in Tamsang Yangfo village of East Kameng district, resulting in the loss of properties, including local ornaments and cattle.

In response to the tragedy, the Yangfo Welfare Society (YWS), led by its chairman Honipa Sono Yangfo, provided financial assistance and relief items to the affected family.

The YWS donated Rs 1 lakh, with an additional Rs 35,000 from its women's wing and Rs 15,000 from its youth wing, collected through donations by members and well-wishers.

Chayangtajo MLA and advisor to water resources minister, Hayeng Mangfi, also donated 60 CGI sheets to the victim.

Honipa stated that the family lost all their belongings, including valuable local ornaments and livestock such as mithun, pigs, and goats, in the fire. He expressed gratitude to the local MLA for his support and to all contributors who helped in this time of need.

Honipa also emphasized the importance of preventive measures to avoid such incidents in the future.

"The Yangfo Welfare Society will continue to assist those in need according to our capacity," he stated.