ITANAGAR, Jun 25: A coordination meeting was convened today in the Conference Hall of the Deputy Commissioner of Capital Itanagar, Shweta Nagarkoti Mehta, to address significant issues affecting the Capital region, including beautification and maintenance efforts.

Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso emphasized the necessity of coordination among all stakeholders. Highlighting the recent flooding caused by heavy rains in various parts of Itanagar, he noted that nature will eventually reclaim its course. However, he stressed that even educated and knowledgeable individuals are contributing to man-made disasters. Kaso also pointed out the persistent issue of illegal earth-cutting activities despite a ban by the district administration. He acknowledged that it is impossible to rectify all damages in a single day but urged immediate efforts to ensure a safer city.

Itanagar mayor Tame Phassang also underscored the need for coordinated efforts by all departments to tackle disasters. He advocated for a comprehensive policy involving all departments to create a safer and better city. Phassang noted that while the IMC authorities are making their best efforts to manage garbage properly, the lack of available space for garbage dumping remains a significant challenge.

Mehta highlighted the necessity for strong coordination and corrective measures to handle any situation effectively. She identified the scattering of garbage, dumping of debris and construction materials along highways and sector roads, and illegal earth-cutting as primary causes of flooding during heavy rainfall. She directed the EAC Itanagar, EAC Naharlagun, and CO Banderdewa to strictly enforce actions against individuals involved in illegal earth-cutting.

Mehta also asked the commissioner of IMC to ensure daily garbage collection and emphasized the importance of raising awareness about proper garbage disposal. She further directed the removal of illegal billboards, posters, pamphlets, and hoardings, advocating for dedicated spaces for such materials and actions against those placing them randomly without permission.

Additionally, she asked the SP Traffic to deploy traffic personnel at important junctions even on Sundays.

Other issues discussed in detail included the maintenance of roads, the median/divider of NH-415, the removal of construction materials/debris, encroachment on the Right of Way/Government quarters, haphazard and illegal building construction, blockage of drains and nallahs, eviction of stray animals, illegal slaughterhouses/meat shops, illegal earth-cutting, off-road vehicles, and ongoing Smart City projects