BASAR, Jun 26: Local legislator Nyabi Jini Dirchi, accompanied by Lepa Rada deputy commissioner Atul Tayeng and departmental officers, visited the Padi, Chisi, and Dali villages in Daring circle on Wednesday to assess the damages caused by Tuesday’s incessant rainfall. The MLA and DC conducted extensive inspections of the affected areas and interacted with the villagers.

Responding to the villagers' appeals, Dirchi assured them of all possible assistance and directed the officers to assess the damage accurately and provide immediate support according to norms.

Heavy rainfall on Tuesday caused significant damage across Lepa Rada district, submerging and destroying paddy fields and triggering landslides and mudslides in various locations.

In Dali village, a church with an extended fasting area was completely washed away due to erosion by the overflowing Ego River while the adjacent medical sub-centre had to be evacuated due to the risk of collapse.

Acknowledging the threat posed to Dali village by the changing course of the Ego River, Dirchi assured that flood protection work would be prioritized and emphasized the need to divert the river back to ensure the village's safety.

The team also inspected the Basar-Likabali highway section near Rilu village, which had been washed away, causing extensive damage and blockage.

In the afternoon, the MLA chaired a coordination meeting with the heads of departments and offices at the DC’s office.

During the meeting, the HoDs presented their achievements, plans, and other requirements. Addressing the assembly, MLA Dirchi said, "Since its inception as a new district in December 2018, Lepa Rada has come a long way, and it is time to move beyond the mindset of it being a new district. We must now act decisively."

She further called for cooperation and active initiatives from all sections to develop Lepa Rada district into a model district as envisioned and emphasized the involvement of stakeholders like GRK and CBOs in the development process.

In his address, DC Atul Tayeng urged the education and health departments to secure proper LPC/land allotments for all their assets in the district, such as schools and health centres, to protect these vital government properties from encroachment.