ITANAGAR, Jun 27: Border Roads director general, Lt General Raghu Srinivasan, called on governor K T Parnaik at Raj Bhavan here on Thursday during which they discussed strategic roads to border areas, regular maintenance of roads and immediate response to any blockage in the road communication.

The governor, during the interaction, praised the Border Roads Organization (BRO) for taking a leading role in the infrastructure development in Arunachal Pradesh. He said that the projects implemented have ensured the territorial integrity and the rapid development of the state.

The governor, while sharing his concerns about the people in border villages, emphasized upgrading and building new roads toward the border areas to ensure the support of the armed forces to the civilian population at any time.

He said the national security and socio-economic development of the people in border areas rely on the BRO road networks.

The director general also briefed the governor regarding strategic road projects and challenges, while assuring the best quality roads and infrastructure for Arunachal.