KHONSA, Jun 27: Dr Chathiam Lowang, a prominent academician from Kaimai (Thingdong) village in Tirap district, has achieved a remarkable milestone by earning her PhD degree from the Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU).

Wife of Prof Sumpam Tangjang from RGU, Dr Lowang, has demonstrated exceptional perseverance as she pursued her doctoral studies while managing a family of two school-going children, including her elder son currently studying in Class XII.

In a heartfelt appeal to the youth, Dr Lowang emphasized the importance of setting clear goals and pursuing them with passion and purpose.

She urged young people to avoid distractions like substance abuse and focus instead on constructive pursuits, channeling their energy towards academic and career achievements.

"We have so much potential to contribute to the growth of our district and state," said Dr Lowang while encouraging young minds to explore opportunities beyond their immediate surroundings.

Dr Lowang's achievement is not just personal but also a testament to the academic prowess of Kaimai (Thingdong) village, which has now produced four PhD holders across various disciplines.

Alongside her, the village boasts Prof Sumpam Tangjang, Dr Khetoan Khetey and Dr Dancha Tongluk (Aran), highlighting its commitment to educational excellence.