KHONSA, Jun 28: The Tirap District Consultative Committee (DCC) and District Level Review Committee (DLRC) meetings, along with the Pre-Potential Linked Credit Plan (PLP) meeting for 2025-26, were convened today at the DC Conference Hall, Khonsa. Chaired by deputy commissioner Ira Singhal, these meetings were crucial in setting the financial agenda for the district.

Key stakeholders, including administrative officers, the Lead district manager from SBI, representatives from NABARD and RBI, branch managers of various banks, and heads of departments from line ministries, participated in the deliberations.

During the session, the DC unveiled the PLP and ACP (Annual Credit Plan) for the FY 2024-25, prepared by NABARD and SBI's Lead Bank Office, respectively.

NABARD district development manager Kamal Roy highlighted that the credit potential under the priority sector is estimated at Rs 1200.18 lakh, with agriculture alone accounting for Rs 1031.05 lakh. These plans aim to guide optimal credit utilization for district development, addressing critical infrastructure gaps and linking support from government departments.

Lead district manager of SBI, Binod K Yadav, presented the current CD ratio of 42 percent for the quarters ending December last and March.

Singhal urged line departments to expedite proposals under the Atma Nirbhar Krishi Yojana and Atma Nirbhar Bagwani Yojana, emphasizing timely subsidy applications.

Roy encouraged banks to prioritize issuing Kisan Credit Cards (KCC) to farmers, particularly PM-Kisan beneficiaries, animal husbandry farmers, and fishermen.

The DC also urged bank managers to actively engage in 'Sarkar Aapke Dwar' programs, promoting various schemes aimed at rural upliftment.

In a proactive move towards enhancing social security schemes, Singhal proposed opening CSP/help desk counters at the District Civil Secretariat for increased outreach. The Block Development Officers (BDOs) were tasked with achieving full coverage of social security schemes, emphasizing quarterly updates. Additionally, the DC stressed the importance of conducting financial literacy programs in schools across Tirap district.

Roy called upon all bank branches to organize financial literacy camps in villages within their operational areas. The meeting concluded with a comprehensive review of ongoing schemes by the Government of India and the state government.

The SBI's representative extended gratitude to all participants for their valuable contributions towards advancing financial inclusion and development goals in the district.