ITANAGAR, Jun 29: The district administration of Itanagar, led by ADC Datum Gadi, carried out an eviction drive at 6-Kilo, targeting vending outlets constructed over drains along the National Highway. This action was prompted by the onset of the monsoon season and associated risks, as directed by DC Shweta Nagarkoti Mehta.

The team, including EAC Takam Nicholas, EAC (Judicial) Tamo Dadda, SDPO Kengo Dirchi, Town Planner Dacha Bagang, and Highway Department engineers, focused on ensuring public safety due to increased threats of landslides and flooding.

An official statement said that despite prior warnings and notices to relocate, vendors continued operations in hazardous areas.

Mehta had emphasized that protecting lives and minimizing property damage are top priorities.

The statement said that the eviction, while inconvenient, was necessary to prevent potential accidents. The administration is also identifying other encroachments over drains that could pose risks during heavy rains. Eviction drives will continue in all vulnerable areas of the capital.

The eviction has left people divided, with many sympathising with the vendors who make a living selling fruits & vegetables. While many also recognise the risks the location of the vendors pose.