ITANAGAR, Jun 29: The Siang district administration has taken a decisive step to prohibit the use of glyphosate-based herbicides, including the widely known ‘Roundup’, within its administrative jurisdiction.

The decision, articulated in an official order issued by Siang deputy commissioner P N Thungon cites alarming environmental impacts associated with Glyphosate.

The herbicide, renowned for its non-selective weed-killing properties, contains glyphosate as its active ingredient.

Scientific studies have consistently highlighted its detrimental effects on soil health, including the contamination of soil and water, and the depletion of beneficial microbial populations and earthworms crucial for soil fertility.

Moreover, glyphosate's toxicity extends to aquatic ecosystems, posing significant risks to water invertebrates and fish populations when washed off into rivers and water bodies.

Such contamination not only disrupts aquatic life but also threatens the overall ecological balance of the region.

The ban comes in alignment with national guidelines set by the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, which restricted glyphosate usage across India starting in 2021 due to similar environmental concerns.

Under the Environment (Protection) Rules, 1986, the order issued by deputy commissioner Thungon mandates an immediate cessation of glyphosate's retail sale and use within Siang District.

“Non-compliance with this directive will result in strict legal repercussions,” the order read while directing the Siang district police to enforce the ban.