ROING, Jun 29: The AMYAA NGO, supported by Wipro Foundation on Saturday, organized the regional award ceremony and teachers training on the Wipro Earthian Sustainability Project at the NGO’s training hall in Mayu-II near here.

The event recognized winners of national and regional levels for their projects on Wipro Earthian Sustainability themes: Water, Waste Management, and Biodiversity.

Government Higher Secondary School, Wakro, received the National Award for Sustainability and Biodiversity while VKV, Roing won the Regional Award for Sustainability and Waste Management.

KV, Roing received the award for Sustainability and Biodiversity, while Intaya Public School secured a consolation prize for Sustainability and Waste Management.

Addressing the occasion, Wipro Foundation project manager Arathi Hunumanthapa briefly spoke about Wipro Earthian’s sustainability education program.

He emphasized the engagement of educators and students in meaningful sustainability education across schools and colleges.

Hunli SDO Gaurav Panwar praised the collaborative initiative and highlighted the urgency of individual actions in addressing rapid climate change while BEO Obang Langkham congratulated the winners, urging all government schools to strive for similar achievements and encouraging active participation in such projects among teachers and students.

Intaya Public School principal T P Tiwari stressed the importance of environmental conservation alongside development, pledging full support to AMYAA and Wipro Foundation's initiatives for practical learning opportunities.

AMYAA’s Wipro Earthian sustainability educator Bethem Marai conducted a session introducing and orienting newly enrolled schoolteachers and students on three thematic booklets of the projects: Sustainability and Waste, Water, and Biodiversity.

She outlined project procedures and highlighted the role of teachers in guiding students effectively.

Apart from receiving cash prizes and certificates, students presented dramas, speeches, and PowerPoint presentations on their respective thematic topics. They shared personal experiences and insights gained through their project involvement.

This inaugural event by AMYAA NGO and Wipro Foundation drew participation from more than 17 government and private schools in the district, focusing on critical topics with direct implications for climate change.