ITANAGAR, Jun 30: In his first Mann Ki Baat radio broadcast after assuming office for a third term, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that people expressed their unwavering faith in the country's Constitution and democratic process in the world's biggest polls in which over 65 crore of them voted.

He thanked people and congratulated the Election Commission and every person associated with the process as he touched on a host of issues in the nearly 30-minute radio address, which was suspended in February due to the approaching elections.

Followed by millions domestically and internationally, the program covered various topics of national and state importance, ranging from sports to cultural heritage.

During the radio address, the prime minister spoke of the afforestation initiative named 'Ek Ped Maa Ke Naam' launched on the World Environment Day.

Noting that he also planted a tree in memory of his mother, Modi said, I am immensely happy to see that the campaign to plant trees in memory of the mother or in her honour is progressing rapidly. On social media, people are sharing pictures of planting trees with their mothers or with their photographs.

This campaign will also help protect the Mother Earth', he added,

In Itanagar, the state BJP, under the directive of president Biyuram Wahge, organised a gathering at the BJP headquarters. Party leaders including Sambu Siongju, Techi Necha, Hinium Tachu, Nima Sange, Retemso Manyu, Kame Yangfo, and Tsering Dolma were present along with karyakartas.

Siongju emphasized the significance of 'Mann Ki Baat' as part of the 'Sewa Safta' initiative, encouraging all citizens to tune in regularly. He urged party members to organise similar listening events at the grassroots level every last Sunday of the month.

Across Arunachal Pradesh, ministers, MLAs, MPs, and local leaders participated in the program from their respective polling booths.