EAST GODAVARI, Jun 30: Agriculture Minister Gabriel D Wangsu, along with secretary Hage Tari, visited 3F Oil Palm Private Limited in Musalikunta to enhance collaboration in oil palm cultivation between Arunachal Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.

Addressing local farmers, Wangsu praised Musalikunta as a leader in oil palm cultivation, expressing his commitment to translating words into action for the benefit of farmers. He emphasized the socio-economic advantages of oil palm, highlighting its potential to provide steady income with minimal labor compared to traditional crops.

At the Dubacherla Nursery and Ayyavaram's new oil palm factory, Wangsu explored innovative practices in cultivation and processing. Ashish Goenka, COO of 3F Oil Palm Pvt Ltd, assured support, aiming to empower farmers with sustainable practices and innovative solutions.

The delegation visited the 3F Akshaya Kendra, observing the comprehensive support offered to farmers, including access to fertilizers, equipment, and financial assistance. Progressive grower Chava Sudhakar showcased a tractor-mounted grabber for fresh fruit bunches, impressing the minister as a prime example of grassroots innovation.

The visit concluded at the Integrated Oil Palm Complex in Ayyavaram, where Wangsu learned about sustainable practices, including zero-discharge operations and nutrient-rich animal feed production, reinforcing the commitment to mutual growth and prosperity in the sector.