ITANAGAR, July 5: The Arunachal Pradesh Women's Welfare Society (APWWS) has lauded the East Kameng district administration for its proactive measures in promoting marriage registration in the district.

In a recent advisory, Deputy Commissioner Sachin Rana highlighted the need for citizens to register their marriages, emphasizing that the current rate of registration is inadequate despite it being mandatory under the law. He pointed out that marriage registration serves as crucial proof of marriage and is essential for various legal processes, including employment-related matters. Registration ensures legal recognition of marriage and facilitates smoother administration of benefits and rights within government services and personal legal matters.

The DC also urged all government employees to register their marriages and submit their certificates to the administration promptly.

APWWS has been actively organizing marriage registration events over the years to secure the legal rights of married individuals. The society has called upon all government departments to enforce strict implementation of marriage registration laws and procedures to ensure compliance across the state.

"We believe such measures will not only uphold legal standards but also safeguard the rights and interests of married individuals," an APWWS statement said.