New Delhi, Jul 5: A day before the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination, the National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences on Friday cautioned that social media groups are trying to deceive candidates by promising to provide the question paper in lieu money.

In a notice, the Board said the "question paper for tomorrow's FMGE is still under preparation".

The Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) is scheduled to be held on Saturday at 71 test centres in around 50 cities. It is a screening test for medical graduates to become eligible to practice medicine in the country.

"Cozeners on such social media platforms are claiming to provide FMGE questions for the upcoming FMGE JUNE-2024 in exchange for a considerable amount of money," it said.

It has been also learnt that a police complaint against such fraudsters has been filed in Kerala for trying to befool FMGE aspirants, the notice said.

"Please be apprised that the question paper for tomorrow's FMGE is still under preparation," the Board said.

"By the present notice, applicants for FMGE JUNE-2024 are hereby cautioned not to be allured or misled by such unscrupulous elements who are befooling FMGE aspirants by claiming to have questions of upcoming FMGE JUNE-2024 accessed through 'the authority'," it said.

The Board warned that if any FMGE aspirant is found directly or indirectly involved in such activities, they will be appropriately dealt with by the NBEMS. PTI