ITANAGAR, July 5: In the wake of incessant rainfall in Itanagar, deputy commissioner Shweta Nagarkoti Mehta, conducted an inspection of NH-415, where landslides and mudslides had caused significant blockages. Immediate deployment of manpower and machinery was initiated to clear the obstructions. The highway department has been directed to keep personnel and equipment ready around the clock for swift action in clearing any future blockages.

During her inspection, the deputy commissioner visited the Karsingsa Block point, which had been severely impacted by a massive landslide. Consequently, a traffic advisory was issued to close the road, redirecting traffic through an alternative route via Gumto until further notice. The DC also inspected the 6 Kilo section, where accumulated debris was promptly cleared, and instructed the department to address blockades at the Lekhi area immediately.

Additionally, she examined the state highway route from Ganga Lake to Batt village, which had experienced multiple landslides.

An official statement said that the Public Works Department (PWD) is actively working with men and machinery to clear the debris and blockades. Although traffic is currently moving through this route, the DC has directed the PWD to maintain continuous monitoring, keep machinery stationed on-site, and continue the clearance process. Road maintenance and the installation of an alternate water supply pipeline to Itanagar township are ongoing through the same route.

Furthermore, the DC assessed the condition of the alternate PMGSY road through Ganga Batt and directed the authorities to carry out necessary maintenance wherever required. Emphasizing the diligence of all stakeholders, the DC noted that the electrical department is also on the ground, carrying out restoration work. However, due to continuous rainfall, the risk of further landslides and mudslides persists. The DC urged all residents to exercise caution while traveling through these roads and to avoid unnecessary travel.

For assistance or to report emergencies, residents can contact the District Emergency Operating Centre (DEOC) at 878-7336331 (DDMO) or the DC office helpline at 8730-977604.