TAWANG, Jul 8: In light of the impending monsoon season and potential Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) risks, a crucial meeting was held today in the conference hall of the Deputy Commissioner's office in Tawang. The meeting, chaired by deputy commissioner Kanki Darang, included all members of the District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA).

Addressing the members, Darang emphasized the unpredictability of natural calamities such as floods and cloud bursts, underscoring the importance of preparedness. He highlighted the need for ensuring that personnel and materials are ready to respond to any emergencies.

Special emphasis was placed on the Army, paramilitary forces, Border Roads Organisation (BRO), Water Resources Department (WRD), and Public Works Department (PWD) to remain vigilant.

Darang recalled past incidents like the sudden flash floods in Kedarnath, Sikkim, and the recent floods in Itanagar, stressing the importance of being prepared for similar events.

Earlier, DDMO Genden Tsomu briefed the members about the potential GLOF risks from several lakes located in the district. She alerted the administrative outposts and army camps situated downstream of these areas. Tsomu informed that, pending government approval, a team from the DDMA would visit these potential GLOF sites for further assessment.

During the meeting, DDMA members shared their suggestions and information on enhancing disaster preparedness. The collaborative discussion aimed at strengthening the district's readiness to handle any monsoon-related disasters effectively.