ITANAGAR, Jul 9: Kurung Kumey Deputy Commissioner, Vishakha Yadav, has provided updates on the ongoing restoration work in the flood and landslide-affected towns of Sarli, Parsi Parlo, and other areas within the district.

The district administration team, led by circle officer Shankar Bagang, has been commended for their collaborative efforts with PRI members to ensure the supply of essential items to the affected villages.

In the latest update, the district administration successfully distributed requisite items to the villagers of Taba in Panyasang Circle at 12:30 AM today. As Taba is the last motorable point, villagers along with Panchayat members were instructed to collect supplies from this location. Rations and other essential commodities were distributed under the supervision of the DC.

The condition of the roads leading to Damin town remains dire, with approximately 17 block points. Only 4x4 vehicles can navigate these challenging routes near the Indo-China border. Despite the difficulties, the district administration has made significant progress in restoring surface communication, clearing blockages, and supplying essential items over the past week.

As reported yesterday, around 20 villages in Damin, Parsi Parlo, and Panyasang administrative circles have been cut off from the rest of the state due to incessant rain that triggered major flash floods and landslides. Over 5000 people have been affected, raising concerns about a severe shortage of food grains, vegetables, medicines, essentials, and fuel in the coming days.

The crisis primarily occurred after a 52-meter long concrete bridge over the Kurung River was washed away by heavy rains and flash floods. Restoration work has been challenging due to continuous mudslides, making travel risky. Vehicles ferrying essentials often get stuck and need to be pulled out using JCBs.

The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) is assisting with the restoration work, and a Bailey Bridge has been sanctioned, with work set to begin soon.

Additionally, the state civil aviation department and the Indian Air Force (IAF) choppers have been requested to carry out sorties to drop essential supplies, pending weather conditions.

Additionally, the Nyishi Elite Society has submitted a memorandum to chief minister Pema Khandu, seeking urgent restoration of road connectivity from Parsi Parlo to Koloriang, including the reconstruction of the bridge over the Kurung River, which was washed away in recent flash floods.

The society has urged the chief minister to deploy necessary resources and personnel to restore the road from Nyobia administrative circle to Koloriang via Parsi Parlo, which is currently blocked at many locations due to continuous rain. This route is vital for supplying essential commodities and healthcare medicines to the affected areas.

The memorandum also calls for the immediate allocation of funds for the restoration and rebuilding of the Kurung bridge, as its abutment remains intact despite the flood damage. Furthermore, the society has requested the introduction of an interim helicopter service to deliver vital medicines, food commodities, and emergency medical services to the stranded population.

In addition, the memorandum stressed the need for the allocation of an emergency relief fund to provide urgent assistance to the flood-affected people in the region.