YUPIA, Jul 9: MLA of Doimukh, Nabam Vivek, convened a crucial meeting with the Public Health Engineering Department (PHED), Urban Development (UD), and Water Resource Development (WRD) officials at the ZPC Conference Hall on Tuesday. The meeting aimed to discuss and review ongoing infrastructure projects to ensure their efficient completion and alignment with community needs.

Addressing the officers, Vivek emphasized the importance of understanding the workings of the departments through enhanced one-to-one communication and focused discussions. He urged all officers to set aside political differences and work collaboratively for the district's development.

"I have scheduled these meetings in smaller groups to gain a deeper understanding of departmental operations," Vivek stated. "We must work together to overcome challenges and ensure the timely completion of vital infrastructure projects."

Vivek highlighted the necessity of adhering to deadlines and maintaining high standards in project execution. He stressed the importance of prioritizing projects that significantly impact the community's growth and well-being.

"Our goal is to build and maintain infrastructure that not only meets the current needs of our community but also lays the foundation for future growth and development. By working together and addressing challenges head-on, we can achieve this objective," Vivek added.

During the meeting, executive engineers from the UD, PHED, and WRD departments presented detailed reports on the projects they are implementing. Vivek assured that similar meetings with all engineering departments, agricultural and allied departments, and the district administration will be held on July 10, 11, and 12 to further streamline efforts and ensure cohesive progress across all sectors.