ITANAGAR, Jul 10: National Fish Farmers' Day is observed annually on July 10 to show solidarity with fisher folk, fish farmers, and related stakeholders across the country. The day commemorates the contributions of professor Hiralal Chaudhry and Dr KH Alikunhi, who achieved the first successful induced breeding of major carps in India on this day in 1957.

On the occasion of the 24th National Fish Farmers' Day, Yamoty Pigyor, a native of Shi Yomi district, was awarded "Best Fish Farmer 2024" by director of Extension Education at the College of Fisheries, Tripura, Central Agricultural University (Imphal), Ranjit Sharma, and Kesang Naksang, also from Shi Yomi district, under ICAR – Directorate of Cold Water Fisheries Research, Bhimtal (Uttarakhand).

The two progressive fish farmers were nominated by the state Directorate of Fisheries for their remarkable performance in trout culture. Cold Water Fisheries is gaining significant momentum in the state, with fish farmers playing a crucial role in boosting production and harnessing the state's cold water potential.

Entrepreneurship in the fisheries sector is seen as a vital step towards achieving self-dependence for farmers and increasing the state's revenue, contributing to the vision of a "Self-reliant India."